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The firm, Kgosi Sekele Attorneys, is a medium sized diversified legal firm that renders professional legal services to individual clients and corporate clients. The firm strives to provide efficient legal services accessible by lower, middle and high class individuals. Our primary objective is underpinned by adopting a flexible legal approach in rendering professional services that are efficient and effective to all our clients

Our expertise ranges from labour and employment law, Insurance law, Personal injury law, legal compliance, commercial law, administrative law,  property law, public law, mining and environmental law and litigation. Each specialist has extensive knowledge and experience in their respective discipline.

As a dynamic young legal firm we pride ourselves in understanding the needs and changing circumstances of our clients and align our legal resources to meets our client’s needs. We strongly embrace and support Government’s initiatives of empowering Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI) through knowledge and skills.


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We take pride in our work by ensuring that we understand our clients needs and rights. As a dynamic firm, we  offer one stop shop legal services by utilizing our skills optimal to the benefits of our clients. Our approach in every legal matter is to assess case merit and provide an efficient legal advice that would best safeguard the interest and rights of our client.

Futhermore, our experience is coupled with practical understanding of our clients needs.

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Provide efficient legal services accessible by lower, middle and high class individuals
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