Kgosi Sekele

Managing Director

Kgosi specialises in employment law, Public law, Compliance, Corporate Governance and Commercial law and mining and environmental law. He practised as an admitted Advocate in 2006 to 2008 attached to the Pretoria Bar. His primary focus was on litigation particularly with aspects of administrative law, human rights and labour law, BEE transaction, mining and environmental law. In March 2010, he left the bar to become a full time practising attorney and established “KGOSI SEKELE ATTORNEYS”.

He has a wealth of experience in Labour law and mining and environmental law. Furthermore has been involved in assisting various communities with the application for prospecting rights, mining permits and mining licenses with the Department of Mineral Resources. His primary focus is to ensure that underprivileged Communities that own natural resources exploit such minerals commercially and plough back in a form of community developments.



  • LLB degree (University of the North)
  • Admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of SA
  • High Certificate in Compliance Management (UJ)
  • High Certificate in Corporate Governance (UJ)
  • Certificate in money laundering (UJ)