Public and Administrative Law Practice

Our services include advice on the rule and application of law particularly the relationship between government levels i.e. National, Provincial and Local Government levels.

Areas of work include

  • Litigation in relation to fundamental rights (including the rights to equality and dignity.
  • Provide legal opinions.
  • Judicial reviews.
  • Applying for interdicts and declarations.
  • Assist clients with effect of new legislation through commentary process.
  • Appearance before statutory bodies i.e. Competition Commission, Financial Sector Conduct Authority(FSCA), Human Rights Commission and Gaming and Gambling Board.
  • Assist with requests for access to information.
  • Provide advice on public procurement practices and procurement contract management

Other practice areas

As a diversified legal firm that renders professional legal services to individual clients and corporate clients, our legal sevices includes the following areas:

Employment Law
Environmental and Mining Law Practice
Corporate Governance, Compliance and Insurance Practice
General Litigation Practice
Corporate and Commercial Practice