Our Area of Specialization

  • Employment law practice 95%
  • Compliance, corporate governance and insurance law practice 90%
  • General litigation practice 90%
  • Corporate and commercial practice 92%
  • Public and administrative practice 94%
  • Environmental and mining law practice 90%
Employment Law Practice

Our employment law practice team offers a wealth of Labour relations expertise to clients across various industry sectors i.e. financial services sector

Environmental and Mining Law Practice

Advice on regulatory and compliance matters.Advice on contractual issues.Advice on environmental impact authorization.Restitution of land rights

Public and Administrative Law Practice

Our services include advice on the rule and application of law particularly the relationship between government levels i.e. National, Provincial and Local Government levels

General Litigation Practice

Our team of specialist in this department has a combined experience of more than 12 years of litigation expertise in Magistrate and High Courts..

Corporate and Commercial Practice

We provide wide variety of corporate and commercial services ranging from contract drafting, implementation and termination of contracts,

Corporate Governance, Compliance and Insurance Practice

Our insurance law practice team maintains high standard in rendering professional advice to clients regarding all insurance-related matters.The team delivers a complete